stacked stone tiles
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Lightweight Stone Wall Panels

Charcoal SL

Lightweight Stone Wall Panels

PRODUCT DETAILS BELOW. In our All-New SL Rock Panel range, Charcoal leads with a cool, contemporary collection of medium light to medium dark gray smokey tones combines with a clean, signature dry-stacked look.

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Charcoal Slim Line Rock Panels

Experience Cool and Contemporary with Charcoal Slim Line

Known for its near perfect collection of greys, our Charcoal color embodies the sleek and sophisticated aspects of modern industrial design without coming off too cold or modern. From broad walls to gargantuan fireplaces, this relatively monochromatic color delivers clean lines, bold textures, and a perfect backdrop to any accents essential ot your designs. Works exceptionally well with metals and glass accents, Charcoal is a smooth, refined option for both interior and exterior applications.

Charcoal Slim Line Rock Panels are available in:

Field Unit

Charcoal Slim Line Field Unit Panel

Corner Unit

Charcoal Slim Line Corner Rock Panel

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