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Lightweight Stone Wall Panels

White Mist SL

Lightweight Stone Wall Panels

PRODUCT DETAILS BELOW. In our All-New SL Rock Panel range, White Mist brings steeley gray quartz deposits and warmer accents to our coveted modern White Quartz at its base. Order your sample kit today!

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White Mist Slim Line Rock Panels

Capture the cool modern beauty of White Mist

A new twist on our highly coveted White Quartz Rock Panels and XL Rock Panels, Norstone's new White Mist Slim Line maintains the same great white quartz you know and love as its base color, but allows for a wider variation of warm tones and grey quartz mineral deposits. This new allowance gives White Mist beautiful movement and interest. Add in its thinner profile and lower price tag, and this product is quickly becoming a staple in the lineup. Perfect for those modern interior fireplaces or your favorite corner speakeasy, White Mist is sure to please the eye as well as the pocketbook.

White Mist Slim Line Rock Panels are available in:

Field Unit

Slim Line White Field Unit Panel

Corner Unit

Slim Line White Corner Rock Panel

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White Mist