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Top 5 Modern Stone Veneer Residential Facades

Norstone natural stone veneer products have always lent themselves well to modern design schemes. It’s more than just the panel nature of our stacked stone panels, or the large rectangular format of our Planc large format tile product, it’s the inherent design we create in each of our products. Norstone products are about much more than taking a bunch of stone and making it into an easy to assemble system. We carefully design and craft each product with an eye to internal and overall design of the product, making sure it creates amazing results. The horizontal nature of the panel systems products and their varied textures from split face to honed lends itself well to the clean lines of modern design, so we’re celebrating that with this week’s blog featuring our top 5 modern inspired stone veneer residential facades.

1. UK Garden House

Norstone Charcoal Slimline Stacked Stone Rock Panels on the base and blade wall of a modern garden home

Our first project is a tiny garden house in the UK that sits on raised foundation cladded in our Charcoal Slimline Stacked Stone Panels. The stone continues on as a blade wall bisecting the home. The amazing glass walls, steel trim and even the roofing joists embody that modern design and while the smooth finish of these surfaces contrast with the split face finish of the stone, everything works together in a harmonious bit of modern design glory.

2. Denver Duplex

Norstone Ochre Stacked Stone Rock Panels used on the facade of a three story residential duplex

We head out west to Denver for our next project – a three story duplex featuring a mixed facade of stone, steel and stucco. One of the things we like the most about this project is the color pallete – modern design doesn’t always have to be black, grey, and stainless steel! This color pallete feel distinctly Colorado and works perfect for the front range of the Rocky Mountains. The clean lines of the facade, the entryway features, and the offset of the two units in this duplex are just some of the many modern design elements of this project that we love.

3. Aksent Modern

Norstone Grey Basalt Aksent 3D Panels used on the bottom floor of a modern inspired home with large driveway

This next residential facade is all about being smooth with our Basalt Grey Aksent 3D Stone Veneer Panels on the first floor of the main dwelling. This product has a smooth texture so works well with the upper metal facade but also has about 1/8” inch of relief which creates some dimensionality on the wall as well. One thing you see in many modern designs like this one is the use of stone on the bottom floor – establishing that sense of the building being connected to the earth through the use of a natural product. While it’s not a specific requirement or hallmark of modern design, it works out very nicely in many of the projects we are featuring today.

4. Ochre Stone with Glass

Ochre Stacked Stone Rock Panels used on the columns and second floor of a modern home with large balcony with clear glass railing

The subtle layering of the stone veneer in this next residential facade project is what we think makes it unique. Building up from small sections on the risers of the large patio steps, to the columns to a main feature on the second story, our Standard Series Ochre Rock Panels play a big part in making this home a modern stunner. The extensive use of glass, especially on the second floor balcony adds a sense of openness to the modern lines of this beautiful home.

5. Patterned Planc

Norstone Platinum Planc large format tile used in a soldier stack pattern around the garage of a modern styled home in Hollywood, CA

Without a doubt one of our favorite projects and an early adopter of our Planc large format tile product, this stunning modern designed home in Hollywood, CA is all about shape. Most of the time you’ll see our Planc tiles set in a running bond or similar pattern, but the architect’s creativity envisioned the product in a straight stack pattern with grout gaps both horizontally and vertically. That design element is repeated in the garage door, drive way, even the upstairs window, taking the theme and pushing it to the next level.


Norstone Charcoal Stacked Stone Rock Panels on boxy modern styled home with cantilever section

And because we couldn’t pick only 5, a bonus project we absolutely couldn’t leave off the list is this gorgeous modern beauty in Niagara Falls Ontario. This residential facade has an amazing combo of our Charcoal stacked stone veneer panels along with natural wood details and large format metal siding panels. We’re swooning over the amazing cantilever section over the garage of this amazing modern designed home.

We hoped you enjoyed this collection of our favorite modern designed stone veneer residential facades. If you are a fan of modern design, working on your own modern inspired project, or just want to learn more about any of our natural stone veneer products contact us today through our website to learn more.

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