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Introducing Norstone's Latest XL Series Rock Panel Colors: Pearl and Sierra

We are very excited to be releasing two new colors this summer into our XL Series Rock Panel Collection which we are calling Pearl and Sierra. A lot of work goes into bringing a new color to market, including preliminary market research and fully vetting the stone supply line to make sure the colors stay consistent from batch to batch and the volume can scale with us as demand is created. We actually started prototyping these two colors, among many others, to some of our longtime dealers and distributors last summer for feedback, and were excited to start seeing production material come over and start to get stocked in our warehouses starting late spring / early summer of 2018.

What immediately stood out with these two new colors is how similar they were to the Aztec XL Series color, which we released a couple years back and has been a very popular addition to the line up. The colors are all unique among these three products, but they all share the same iridescence and sparkle that makes Aztec so popular.

Norstone Sierra XL Stone Veneer Demo Wall

Sierra is probably the color that we’re most excited about. Open up any design magazine or walk into a model home in the past 5 years and you’ll have witnessed a grey takeover of the neutral color palette, pushing out the previously dominate beige tones of the mid 2000s on. Sierra fits squarely in that color range with a very attractive color range that is mainly grey with an understated silvery touch to it, that all gets accented by the occasional gold and rust colored accents throughout. The accents are so important to the overall look of this product, giving Sierra a depth of color that really looks amazing on the wall, and adding a distinct “naturalness” to the product that can’t be replicated with a faux or man-made stone.

Norstone Pearl XL Stone VEneer Demo Wall

We are also really excited about Pearl, which is also perhaps the best fit for a product name that we have ever come up with. Getting this product in your hands, whether seeing it at one of our dealer’s showroom on display or ordering a sample from our internal team, is the best way to see this product and really reveals the subtle variation of the off white hues and the “pearlescence” shine that gave this color its name. We see this as a great product to use under a variety of lighting conditions, such as with natural light during the day and targeted LED light at night, as the stone will look quite different in each condition and really come alive on the wall.

At one point there was some consideration to grouping these three closely related colors, Pearl, Aztec, and Sierra, into their own series, but ultimately we decided it was best to expand our popular XL Series Stone Veneer Series with the new colors. The XL Series offers the largest individual stone sizes, yet still a part of an easy to use 6”x24” panel system. XL also comes with a staggered end profile to reduce the appearance of vertical seams, which is important the bigger the individual stones are, and also comes in both our outside corner unit and natural end finish unit, giving transitions and starts and stops a more finished look!

Whether you’ve used our products before, or if you are just considering Norstone for your next stone veneer project, I would definitely encourage you to take a look at Pearl and Sierra as possible color options. We’re incredibly happy and excited to put our 15 years of experience building thin stone veneer panel systems for sale to markets all across the world to use on these new products and look forward to seeing fantastic results with them for our current and future clients this year and beyond!

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